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Cloud Bandwidth Pricing (Effective September 1st, 2011):

NOTE: Linodes come bundled with transfer, which is then combined into the Transfer Pool.

Data Transfer Previous Pricing New Pricing
Inbound Deducted from Pool, then $0.15/GB FREE
Outbound Deducted from Pool, then $0.15/GB Deducted from Pool, then $0.10/GB

We appreciate you and hope this saves you lots of money.

1. 超出流量怎么收费?

Thank you for contacting Linode. If you exceed your monthly transfer limit you will be charged at a rate of $0.02 per GB of overage. This will be charged with your monthly billing cycle.

回答是, 0.02$ 每GB   。网上都搜索的是 0.1$没GB

2. 怎么就算超流量了?
You have not exceeded your monthly transfer limit. It appears that you still have 6,754GB (52%) available.
Your monthly transfer limit is pooled amongst all of your Linodes so that you can utilize all of the transfer with a single Linode if you wish to do so.
For an accurate gauge on the amount of transfer you have available, please review the meter at the bottom of the Linodes tab within the Linode Manager. This will show you the amount of pooled transfer available between all of your Linodes.
If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask.

网上有人说流量分担,看来确实是这样的。 多个Linode 流量是共享的。

3. 对于单个Linode 来说,怎么算超流量?
You are less than 100%, so you have not exceeded the allowance.

Only Outgoing counts towards the Monthly Transfer Limit.

2053 GB Outgoing / 3000 GB Limit = 68%

You have about 1000 GB Outgoing remaining before you would need to pay more.

Should you have more questions, please ask.

出口流量才计费。不用关心Ingoing。 只要看哪个百分比即可。


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